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Trick or Treat Letter

Dear Creator,
First off, sorry you have had to wait an age for this letter! If you have already begun writing, please don't worry - I love all of these characters/fandoms, and I will genuinely like anything that you write for me. I'm more than happy to read explicit fic or G fic (or anything in between). Any story you'd like to tell with these characters is one that I would like to read. I've tried to give a taster feel for what I like about the canons - all prompts are merely if you prefer to have something to work with. Since this is character matching, I will note that any characters I've nommed together, I ship together as well, but I am equally happy to read character fic for individuals - don't feel like you have to include both! Extra note: regarding trick or treat distinction, for a lot of these canons it's kind of hard to tell the difference sometimes, so don't stress about that at all. I will confess to being a sucker for a happy ending, but I am also very fine with the trick leading to a natural conclusion.

For artists, I'm really bad at prompting art, I'm afraid, so even apart from the art likes listed, anything that strikes your interest in the fic prompts section or the general likes, would be amazing as well.
DNWs: non-con, underage (under 16), polyamory, feminisation, eye injury, pregnancy, slavery, kidfic, prostitution AUs, sanitized depictions of canons/characters, mental illness headcanons, gender/sexuality headcanons or fixed BDSM roles. Please also no set top/bottom dynamics if you do write sex (and no universes that have fixed sexual dynamics - A/B/O or BDSM universes etc).
General Likes: (none of these need to be combined and some of them are contradictory, if it’s in the list I love it.)
Us against the world is a favourite dynamic of mine as is finding connections in strange places. I'm very fond of  closeness between characters (friendship, honourable enemies etc). Apocalyptic and wartime settings are big for me. I'm a big fan of tough people doing hard things, especially if they have to sacrifice things of value. I’m also a fan of humour and banter, of mentally strong characters who battle through against all odds, of love that isn't fluffy or necessarily spoken.
I like brittleness which isn't fragility, love/friendship that is prized above everything else, sacrifices, fighting and ambition. I also like funny things and veneers of casualness that conceal a lot. My taste runs strongly to stoic individuals who can take and deal out a lot of pain. Competent people who are really good at what they do are A+ 
I like epistolary fic, third person, lush writing, sparse writing, most things inbetween, details of a person or place that makes me feel like I know them, plot and character pieces both. Weather references, dark brooding tension/atmosphere, light breeziness, secrets between two people. Oh yeah, and explosions.
Porn likes: switching, comeplay, slightly more than comfortable penetration (toys, large cocks etc), sex pollen or other fuck-or-die scenarios, blowjobs/cunnilingus, scar touching, hair tugging, choking/breathplay, shaving (anywhere, but especially face), shower sex, fight/sparring sex where they're both into it, biting, 
The Terror (TV 2018)  
Characters: Frances Crozier, James Fitzjames
I love this show so much, and I love both of these characters a whole lot. This is the perfect canon for trick or treat, because well, it's legitimately quite horrific! So feel free to go wild with either tricks or treats for this. All of those icy landscapes are marvelous for scene setting and cold chills. Crozier is amazing, I love his will to survive and his care for his crew in particular and the ways (for a trick) that they can be weaponized against him as well as being his biggest motivation. I'm a big fan of Fitzjames as well - his bravery and the way that he slowly comes into his own as a commander during the show. I do ship them together, but I am also here for all the gen as well, either singularly or together. On the treat side, there's loads of potential here for both during-canon fic and post-canon fix-it of all flavours - my favourite dynamic for them is the way that they both from different angles realize that they are equals. On the trick side anything that uses that icy landscape against them is perfect.
Treat ideas: rescue! Either gen or ship fic about Crozier and Fitzjames finding out more stuff about each other, the joy of a simple find (maybe a rabbit) in the landscape, cooking together, eating together (not each other), moments of quiet tenderness, supernatural rescue, survival etc
Trick ideas: Canon is already pretty horror-filled so anything with Tuunbaq, perhaps the ghosts of the first deaths haunting the rest of the expedition - or indeed either Crozier or Fitzjames (or both) making their way back to England. Feel free to play with psychological horror as well, the breakdown of madness, anything even stranger than Tuunbaq, the banality of human evil, the dread of what could lurk in the landscape
Trick art: same as the treat art really in terms of symbolism, perspective, quiet moments, and then similarly with the trick ideas above, anything with monsters, the darkness, any contrast with dark/light, or colour symbolism would be amazing.
Treat art: I would love to see them in small huddled spaces together - whether that's in a cramped Captain's cabin, a tent on the tundra, anything that pulls in and focuses on them together would be amazing. Playing with perspective, symbolism (this can do for a trick as well) would be awesome as well. Any moment for one or both of them to be in a quiet moment together, whether conferring or in a leisure activity would be great.
The Haunting of Hill House (TV 2018)  
Characters: Shirley, Theo
This was such a good show - and most especially for the sibling relationships that run through it. For me the key relationship was definitely the bond between Shirley and Theo, both as children and as adults. I love the way that they enable each other in so many ways, and that even in adulthood these are two that have stayed so close that Theo lives in the guesthouse. I like the way especially that it's not an easy or simple relationship, there's antagonism, and a huge amount of personality clash (as well as a lot of ways in which they are both so similar!) Amongst all of the interesting horror of the show, there's a really human connection between them and an intense one. I loved how the show played with that. I would absolutely love anything you do with these two, either pre-canon or post-canon. Personally I'm not a big fan of the neat wrapping up of the ending at all, so if you would like to do something different with that in particular, that would be amazing. I love all the siblings/characters so any of them can be included if you like, but please no other pairing than Shirley/Theo or their canon relationships. Gen fic for both or either of them is of course extremely welcome as well! This is another great canon for both treats or tricks since it's a horror canon at heart.
Trick fic: The Red Room! Anything you want to do with the red room and Shirley/Theo would be amazing, whether it's a reopening of the house or an untold flashback of what happened between them - facilitated or possibly engendered by the house. Alcohol-fueled angry hookup, guilt/shame of the resultant mess and how they might have damaged their relationship. More horror, at any point during canon (or post) whether it involves the house or not. Psychological horror in particular is great for this canon, any creeping sense of wrongness or darkness. I'm happy for dark or dubcon sex between them if that's where you'd like to take it, but please not dubconning each other as opposed to the house twisting things.
Treat fic: the prompts above could all work for treats as well if given a happier twist - particularly something that requires them to believe in each other and rely on their bond. I would also absolutely love an alternate ending where Theo does not move out, and maybe Shirley and Kevin break up. Anything sexy would be amazing as well, perhaps something where 
Trick art: anything for the prompts above, anything with the house devouring them, use of blood, either of them being physically changed, or enveloped in darkness, even better if they aren't aware of it.
Treat art: a happy moment for either or both of them, in the house or not, anything with symbolism or interesting use of colour/light is A+, something with Theo's ungloved hands, or Shirley's let-down hair, anything that shows their closeness or their past/present. For this canon in particular as well, I'd be really interested in seeing them as mirrored images or as parts of a whole.
The Favourite
Characters: Abigail Hill Masham, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
I love how nasty and complicated and nuanced these two characters are. I love the seediness and grubbiness contrasted with the high state and ceremony. I loved Sarah in particular and her coats, guns and tender twisted love for Anne and Anne's power and I also love Abigail's cruelty and her will to survive/thrive at any cost. I love all the themes that pervade it, of misery, illness, death and at the same time the vital spark of survivial, the will to remain alive, to be powerful, to be self-determined. For that last one I like in particular how interwound being free in at least some sense (money, power, respect) with the need to constantly compromise self-respect and to still bow to a greater power than yourself.

I think there's something in this canon that really speaks to a horror view of all kinds - both the mundane everyday horror of their lives (and particularly of Abigail's life pre-canon) and also to a potentially more supernatural horror - what stalks the castle at night? Is there a madness or a Lovecraftian element to what happens in the castle? Psychological twisted drama between them is very welcome as well. I ship both of them - I am happy for any story that touches on their sexual tension or their relationship. You can choose to focus the story around just one of the characters and encompass any time of canon including pre and post. I am also fine with any of the main three being written as together. For relationships outside the triangle, any canon relationships are fine as well, and for Abigail in particular if you want to give her other lovers that's cool with me.
Trick fic: Anne's illness isn't natural - maybe either Abigail or Sarah (or both) have to find and confront the cause? Something roams the castle at night and it's hungry. Being Anne's favourite might mean being fed to something in the darkness - or maybe that's the fate of her least favourite? The grimness of Abigail's past. Vampires! 
Treat fic: Pushpull between Abigail/Sarah at any point in the canon. Their messed up relationship is the cornerstone of the film to me, both of them fighting superficially for Anne's love, but essentially for Anne's power. Does that turn sexual at any point - especially after Abigail first becomes the Queen's lover? I would love that antagonism and nastiness between them to spill out some more. I would also love anything that plays up their similarities. Divergent AUs where Sarah and Abigail come to more of a compromise and continue backstabbing and playing each other some more post the film events. Maybe even something where they need to team up against the politicians for a reason or use their differing allies to work together.
Trick art: the degeneration of Abigail, the decadence of the palace, something in the dark reaching out for either/both of them, murder, stabbing in the back, fake solicitousness, stylized depictions of them.
Treat art: vampire AU of either/both of them, mirrors, reflections, anything at all that touches on their clothing (particularly Sarah's glorious outfits), fake religious symbolism or playing off their respective roles in the film (Abigail as false saint etc) deep rich colours as a palette, 
Generation Kill
Characters: Nate Fick, Brad Colbert.
It's been forever and a day since I requested this fandom, but I've had a sudden resurgence of love for Brad/Nate (and for both of them separately and in a gen combo also). There's a lot of things I love about this canon, but in particular I am always sold by how low-key so much of it, not much needing to be said between Brad and Nate in particular, but a depth of understanding that can cross a whole ton of barriers. I didn't request the rest of the crew, but please feel free to include them in any capacity (I would prefer no ship other than Brad/Nate for Brad and Nate, but apart from that go wild) I love them all and would happily read gen fic with any combo. I would love to read anything - whether it takes place during canon, directly after or some time in the future. AUs are very welcome for this canon as well, but please nothing completely mundane - let them retain their skills within it. From a trick or treat perspective, I am happy with wherever your mind takes you - is there something stalking them in the dark? Does one of them have a looming premonition of evil? Is Trombley actually a tentacle monster from before the dawn of time? Go wild!
Trick fic: Apocalypse AU! Something in the dark calling one of their names. Mystery pipers piping potential deaths. Vampires? 
Treat fic: Perhaps an interlude in Iraq, a conversation between them that reveals a connection outside of the obvious. Or them meeting up afterwards after a bit of time, and finding that there is still a spark between them. I'd love a road trip fic if that's something you'd be interested in. AUs are something I enjoy in this canon (them in space, in university etc etc.) Another thing I'd enjoy is what could've happened if Nate stayed in the Marines after that tour, if that would change anything in him etc. 
Trick art:anything in the above, but also very much here for darkness/light imagery, monster fighting, injured/bandaged times, 
Treat art: anything with them sat back to back (or kissing), anything involving landscapes (particularly them looking up at the stars), small quiet moments, quiet touches, muted palettes, face studies etc

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
The fandom that's consumed me for ages, but I will always always be happy to read new fic for it/get new art. I love so much about it despite all the well chewed over flaws, and this really is the perfect trick or treat canon. In terms of interest, I am not interested in receiving anything about Jack or about the Winchester's relationship with Jack, and for this exchange please do not ship Sam or Dean outside of Wincest (background mentions of past canon relationships are absolutely fine - Dean/Lisa, Sam/Jess etc). As always I am happy for either Sam/Dean, gencest, or gen fic about them individually or together. There are so many monsters in SPN canon that can do for trick fic, and I'm also always extremely interested in memory alterations, time spent in Hell for both of them, and time dilation (a la Mystery Spot). All of these prompts can really go in either trick or treat, depending on how you handle them, and I am good with any interpretation of any of the below. There's some additional prompts here from EDMM which I am still extremely interested in receiving.
Trick fic: monsters, time dilation, watching their efforts come to ruin, apocalypse AUs, war AUs, a mundane evil taking one of them, an old nemesis coming back for a second go.
Treat fic: anything where they're a little bit happy! Maybe it's only for an afternoon, maybe it's for a lifetime, maybe they're dead and enjoying a well earned after life. Fix it fic is always welcomed, bunker fic is loved, early seasons get together, anything that has them together and affectionate, and enjoying a little moment of peace.
Trick art: one of them dying and the other one kneeling beside them (again), fighting monsters, one or either of them in Hell, vampire AU (for them both), soulless Sam, demon Dean, scored out anti-possession symbols, 
Treat art: anything with them together in any way - back to back, standing together, fighting off a zombie horde, touching in any way - kissing is great, but a hand on the shoulder or stitching up a wound is also amazing, symbolism, knives/guns, damaged but still fighting.

Many thanks!
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