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Rare Male Slash Exchange Letter

Dear Writer,

Thank you for matching with me on any of these pairings! I love them all, and I will genuinely like anything that you write for me. I'm more than happy to read explicit fic or G fic (or anything in between). Any story you'd like to tell with these characters is one that I would like to read. I've tried to give a taster feel for what I like about the canons - all prompts are merely if you prefer to have something to kick off.

DNWs: non-con, polyamory, feminisation, eye injury, pregnancy, slavery, kidfic, prostitution AUs, sanitized depictions of canons/characters, gender/sexuality head canons or fixed BDSM roles. Please also no set top/bottom dynamics if you do write sex (and no universes that have fixed sexual dynamics - A/B/O or BDSM universes etc).

General Likes: (none of these need to be combined and some of them are contradictory, if it’s in the list I love it.)

Us against the world is a favourite dynamic of mine as is finding connections in strange places. I'm very fond of  closeness between characters (friendship, honourable enemies etc). Apocalyptic and wartime settings are big for me. I'm a big fan of tough people doing hard things, especially if they have to sacrifice things of value. I’m also a fan of humour and banter, of mentally strong characters who battle through against all odds, of love that isn't fluffy or necessarily spoken.

I like brittleness which isn't fragility, love/friendship that is prized above everything else, sacrifices, fighting and ambition. I also like funny things and veneers of casualness that conceal a lot. My taste runs strongly to stoic individuals who can take and deal out a lot of pain. Competent people who are really good at what they do are A+ 

I like epistolary fic, third person, lush writing, sparse writing, most things in between, details of a person or place that makes me feel like I know them, plot and of character pieces both. Weather references, dark brooding tension/atmosphere, light breeziness, secrets between two people.

Porn likes: 

switching, comeplay, slightly more than comfortable penetration (toys, large cocks etc), sex pollen or other fuck-or-die scenarios, blowjobs, scar touching, hair tugging, choking/breathplay, shaving (anywhere, but especially face), shower sex, fight/sparring sex where they're both into it, 


Pairing: Victor/Castiel.

If you matched with me on this one, you have the rarest of rare taste and I applaud you for it. OK they have never met in canon! That means nothing - they could potentially have so much in common. Victor, a man of the law and Castiel an angel of the Lord, both of them disillusioned with their respective careers and far too mixed up with the Winchesters. I will take them anyway I can get them - whether it’s in an AU verse where Victor is still tracking the Winchesters having survived Jus In Bello - or where it never happened at all and he’s simply hunting them, whether Victor survived the explosion and met Cas in Camp Chiquita during the Croatoan Apocalypse - pretty much anyway you can have them meet is A+ by me. The relationship between them can be anything you please whether they’re on opposite sides of the fence or on the same side.

Prompts as always are for ideas only - feel free to ignore and to write anything that inspires you!

  • Victor is brought back from the dead (possibly pulled from Heaven) as a soldier in the ongoing war of Heaven/Hell. Castiel is his handler
  • Victor and Cas meet in Camp Chiquita and bond over what they have lost. Maybe they get high together, maybe they kill some zombies, maybe they have an existential crisis. Quite probably they have some desperate sex.
  • Castiel is having doubts about the righteousness of his mission at the same time as he realizes that Victor, still tracking the Winchesters, is about as close as he’s getting to another man with a duty. 


Pairing: Partridge/Preston.

The most stylish and pointless of films, and I love it a lot. There’s so much fodder here from a shipping and a worldbuilding POV - especially the fact that there is this wonderful huge blind spot around the fact that Preston, the master cleric, declarer of sense crime fails time and time again to recognise that those he is closest to are offenders - his wife, his children and of course Partridge. I’d love anything in particular that deals with pre-canon from either of their POVs - whether it’s Preston noticing (and ignoring the abnormalities of Partridge) or Partridge dealing with the fact that he loves a man who is more or less incapable of meaningful emotion. If you can work an AU or canon-divergence in which Partridge lives I would love that as well (especially if he assisted John in some way in bringing down the system). 

Prompts as always are for ideas only - feel free to ignore and to write anything that inspires you!

  • There’s no moral or social failing about satisfying bodily needs where there’s no emotion attached. How would sex look between one partner with emotion and the other without it?
  • Partridge lives. Post canon Preston struggles with recontextualising the bond that has always been there between them.
  • Preston goes off the dose earlier in the timeline and Partridge realises it straight away, and is there to guide Preston through this new world.

History Boys (2006)

Pairing: Dakin/Irwin

I love this film. I love the setting, I love the character’s interactions - Dakin’s innate snideness, Irwin’s confident facade and the ways that he and Irwin both match each other and butt heads constantly. The push-pull of their relationship and the uncertainty of the way they’re both feeling out what is very new ground for them is compelling. I like the way that neither of them thinks very far ahead, despite extolling the virtues of doing so. For this canon I can see this happening in the future for them rather than within the canon timeline (though that said, canon divergence where Dakin and Irwin get their drink and the Hector incident never happened is also excellent and I would love to see that). I would love anything about the ways that they come back together and how much of an impact they had on each other. The fact that nothing is ever easy for them is a big draw, but I would prefer them to reach a happy ending, however that looks for them.

Prompts as always are for ideas only - feel free to ignore and to write anything that inspires you!

  • OK the classic drink prompt, this is the free square. What exactly happens if they go ahead with it?
  • It’s years later. Dakin’s a lawyer, Irwin’s a TV historian, their paths shouldn’t cross...except that Dakin does outsourced tax work for the BBC
  • Dakin’s at Oxford, Irwin’s filming his first show there, and there’s a lot of places that serve drinks.

From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Pairing: Richie Gecko/Seth Gecko

The first season of this show in particular was tailor made for all sorts of my favourite things in TV - the intense closeness and creepiness of Richie and Seth's bond, the camaraderie, the occasional macabre joke (looking through his hand!), the casual violence and indiscriminate mayhem that created a real sense of a bubble around them both. They hit a lot of my themes - back against back, looking out for someone else, sticking through the worst and coming out the other side, and it's that aspect of them that I'd most like to see in fic. I am really happy for other characters (Kate and Santanico are favourites) to be part of the fic, but would rather the focus remains on Richie and Seth. That said, it really doesn't have to be positive or good for them! I'm equally up for explorations of how they bring out the worst in each other, and depictions of a poisonous or antagonistic relationship, as long as there remains a core of unbreakable connection between them

  • - Honestly all jokes aside, I would love a soul bond AU here or anything that deals with the connection between them and how that was formed.
  • - Pre canon fic about their lives before the show, what shaped their experiences with each other, the genesis of Seth’s loyalty in particular and the complicatedness of Richie’s trust.
  • - What would happen if Seth became a monster of some kind, how would that change how he relates to Richie if he’s more directly a part of that world?

Thanks very much and I look forward to anything that you write!


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