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Title: Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Genevieve Cortese
Chapter 1/?
Length: 5154
Rating NC-17
Warnings/Kinks dub-con, mpreg, dystopia, sort of slave fic

Summary In a world where women can no longer have children, genetically engineered Omegas fill this function- if you can pay the price (and live with the consequences.) Jared and Gen are happily married, and buying Omega Jensen Ackles for the birth of their child seems like the perfect solution. The only downside is that Omegas can't survive the birth of a child- and that by design they degenerate after a certain age. Not that Omegas know this.

Notes Based on this prompt

It's Gen who gets the brochures, and researches the information. That's pretty much how it always is, she's always been the practical one who doesn't want to jump feet first into something they can't be sure about. The thing is, there's so much choice. Not like twenty years ago- these are not like their birth-Omegas had been. They've all seen the pictures of the hideous melting lumps of flesh that had been their wombs, the wide frightened eyes that were the only human thing about them. They saw the video in class, and Jared had been sick into the herbaceous border that ran along the outside of the building. Gen had closed her eyes tight like most people did when confronted by their history. The teacher had been old enough, to be born from people, not from an Omega, and Jared remembers how stern she was, how she'd excused no-one. This, she told them, this is what we did to survive. Nobody had dared ask her if her own daughter had been born like they had been. The answer was too evident.

Now though such strides have been made forward with science, incredible ones. Omegas are almost human, the brochures declare. Genetically modified for every desirable trait, intelligence, beauty, health, everything except the ability to pass on non-defective fertility genes on, and of course the unfortunate time-limit of their existence. There'd been a movement to keep the old style flesh wombs, but Omegas were far far better. Built for one purpose, to have a child, to flower and to die afterwards. Single serving people.

Once it had been the state, now private farms had taken over the creation of the Omegas, splicing them and cutting their genes until they were perfection. These days it was about what you could pay- would you opt for the top-end Omega- the one that could speak your language and several others. Beautiful, decorative and capable of bearing twins. Or if you were a little cut-budget, just wanted a healthy child and trusted to luck that your own genes would come out trumps in the genetic lottery, then you could have a Class C Omega, docile, blank, no personality, just a fleshy body that existed to bear your child to pass on all the features that could be desired.

There were even a few incredibly flash businesses, where they'd take your own genes and use them to create the Omega, so that everything passed on was your own, not just half. The expense involved was hideous though, the province of movie stars and business people, the incredibly vain, and the self-involved. Gen and Jared weren't fancy or greedy. They just wanted a healthy living loving child between them, to round off their perfect family. A child, son or daughter with Jared's smile and Gen's eyes.

Still it seemed a pipe-dream for a long time. Gen was a successful businesswoman, and Jared had just started to achieve some recognition as a writer, but although they made more than enough between them, an Omega would drain every one of their resources. So wistfully they'd put the thought aside, though they'd started to save a little more in hope. It wasn't until their seventh wedding anniversary though that things changed. Their parents had clubbed together and bought them a Class B Omega to bear them a child. It was a magnificent present, and Gen and Jared could hardly believe it. An Omega of their own, and then a child.

So they spend months poring over the information, trying to decide how their money's worth can best be spent, looking over the model types, until they can decide between them. They're a little conflicted at first. Gen wants the Jensen model, she likes his eyes, and she likes that that particular line breeds successfully in almost every instance. Jared leans more to the Cynthia strand whose genes are weaker, less likely to predominate. They haven't yet decided whether it'll be Gen's genetic material they use, spliced in a lab and then inserted into the Omega, or Jared's homegrown method. The overly slick salesman they encounter when they visit the little organic farm they've chosen informs them they can achieve a three-way meld these days.

Jared asks why it can't just be him and Gen's genes, why the Omega has to be more than a carrier. The salesman who calls himself Robin gives them the pat rundown- Omega's aren't human, not entirely (as the whole world knows) and without some Omega genes in the mix the foetus will be rejected. It's much more sense to let nature take its course in this small matter at least rather than mess around too much. He concludes with reminding them that their selection of Omegas are outstanding, and Gen nods, taking the sale's pitch at the appropriate value, thanks him and tells him they'll return with a decision.

Robin offers a quick visit around before they do so- the Omegas aren't allowed to see anything beyond their carers, but two way glass has been installed in three observation rooms. So they tag around behind him, watch two Omega young ("we don't call them children," Robin says smoothly,) play together with bricks and blocks, dragging them into place and then knocking them down. In the next room, there are three Omega studying plasi-books, and both Jared and Gen are a little shocked.

"They can read?" Jared blurts out, a little disturbed at the thought. One of the pros of an Omega he'd thought was that they only had one purpose.

"They have only one final purpose," Robin replies, uncannily mimicking Jared's thoughts, "but we pride ourselves on turning out well rounded Omegas, who are an asset to any family. They're not Class A's, but they are very close to reclassification, so really marvellous value I can tell you. It's of course recommended that an Omega once bought stays with their host family to ensure the happiness and development of the child. I can assure you a Class C or D heaven-forbid are a nightmare to be around. You have to instruct every action and motion. Our models are self-sufficient to an extent, they have the capacity to learn and to grow. They're invaluable. From your Omega, your child will spring, and there is plenty of research to indicate that a developed Omega as birther gives a child a much better start in life."

Gen pokes Jared, and mouths "told you," at him, her own research validated, and he grins back, though he's only half-convinced. He doesn't really like the thought of an Omega around the house, though he's not sure why, and his enthusiasm for this is rapidly draining away. At least it is until they're taken to the third room.

Robin pauses before he leads them in, and there's a little bit of a smirk on his face. "The bit most couples want to see," he says. "Our Omegas will give you a child as soon as you desire, but a lot of people are rather fond of keeping them as playmates for a bit before availing of that service, since of course once they've delivered the child they're no longer viable." He pushes open the door, and Jared sees exactly what he means. There's a bed, and two fully-grown Omegas are having ultra enthusiastic sex on it. They're both remarkably handsome of course, and Jared is shocked by how much the sight turns him on.

"You let them do that?" he asks, a little surprised and more than a little aroused. Besides him Gen shifts uncomfortably, turned on as well, and he gets even harder at that thought. There certainly are benefits it seems to an Omega of one's own.

"Of course," Robin says. "They have very high sex drives, though they'll never think of imposing them on you, so they'll always be ready for a bit of fun. They're very well trained I can tell you. Now if you'll come through, I'll show you vids of Jensen and Cynthia. We only ever have one model of each type functional, and you're very lucky both of these two are in the latter stages of their cycle since they're rather rare."

Cynthia is beautiful, and Gen spends long moments gazing at the soft fall of her dark hair, and Jared can see her almost changing her mind. Gen does so love pretty things after all. Then Jensen is there, and Jared can't take his eyes off him. Cynthia is beautiful, but Jensen is stunningly handsome, and Gen is staring as well. The brochure had lied- Jensen was far more good-looking in the flesh, taller than he had seemed and well built. Jared moistens suddenly dry lips and looks at Robin who is gazing at them both with satisfaction.

After that, it's a foregone conclusion, and the papers are signed by the end of the visit. Robin gives them a stack of information to take away with them, and tells them Jensen will be ready at the end of the week for pick-up. He recommends also that they spend an hour talking with the farm's mandatory counsellor that day, rather than waiting 'til pick up.

It's been a long drive out, and Jared and Gen barely need to discuss it. "We'll do that now," Jared says. Getting the formalities over and done with is their main aim. Their own paperwork has already been put through- pysch evaluations, DNA analysis, financial checks, this is the last hurdling block. The counsellor's room is pleasantly neutral, the chairs comfortable, and the counsellor herself is welcoming, introduces herself as Franzie. She's old enough that she might be a pre-Omega-birth, but neither of them would be rude enough to ask. The questions are the ones they've answered already in their psych evaluations, generic ones about how well they deal with separation (easily,) how much they want a child (a lot,) and then she gets into the meat of the visit.

"You know of course," she says with a smile, "what happens to an Omega once they've given birth?" They do of course, everyone knows. They bleed out on the table, or at least they used to. Nowadays a needle slides gently into their neck, and a deadly dose of painkiller is pumped through. In some of the anti-cruelty clinics, they'll occasionally do this before they perform the c-section, to minimise the distress. Omegas can get rather attached to their foetus, especially Class C and Ds who with less intelligence and awareness, seem to associate the baby as being theirs. It's harder for the surgeons though, so generally it happens afterwards.

Jared answers for them both. "Yes, we read the material." She seems satisfied with that, but he continues. "It's why they're called Omegas isn't it? They're the end, not beyond."

Franzie nods. "You have done your research," she says with another bland smile. "But this is what the session is about. It's possible to get attached to your Omega, and this is quite natural, and not something you should be worried about at all. They can be very charming, very winsome. But you must remember what will happen at the end, and protect yourself. Your Omega is fun. They can be excellent marital aids, they can sometimes be almost human, or act it rather. But in a very real sense, they're built for your child, not for you, and losing sight of that can cause issues."

"Like what?" Gen asks, her hand tightening in Jareds. No wonder the counselling session came after the papers were signed.

"Not much," Franzie reassures them, "just that, like with a favourite pet, you can experience grief at its life-termination. You just need to remember that Jensen, your new Omega isn't human, however much it can seem like it. He wants nothing more than to give you a child for you to love and raise. Just remember not to get too attached."

Jared and Gen nod, a little more subdued, and Franzie rolls her eyes at them. "Cheer up you two," she says. "I do need to give you all the details after all. You're going to have a very good time with your Omega for as long as you'd like to keep him, and at the end you'll have a beautiful child of your own. I suggest you keep a record of your time together if you grow especially fond of him, photographs and film are excellent ways to remember loved pets and Omegas."

The session was coming close to an end, and Franzie shuffled through her notes. "One last thing," she said. "And this is very important. Jensen knows he was created to give you a child and to bring you pleasure. It's the aim of his life, and his particular strain is exceptionally intelligent for an Omega, and he will strive to do so in all ways. However he isn't aware of how the nature of that contract will end between you. Knowledge of impending death distresses Omegas, like any other animal. If he becomes aware of how his service will terminate, it'll bring unneeded distress to him, and potentially harm the child he'll be carrying. If at any point he acquires this knowledge, you're instructed to bring him back to the facility."

When they got outside, Jared heaved in a deep breath. He hadn't realised how constricted he'd felt inside. Gen was holding onto his hand tightly, and he squeezed back as they headed to the car and she climbed into the driving seat. She sat for a moment with her hands on the wheel, staring at the concrete wall in front of her. "Jared," she said slowly. "Are we sure we're doing the right thing?"

He looked at her with surprise. "What's up?" he said. "You seemed really happy inside."

She sighed. "I cried for a week when Echo died, you know that. I had to take a day off work because I felt so shitty. I don't want to feel like that again."

Jared leaned over the space between them, and pressed his lips to her forehead, feeling her soft hair brush his chin. "Don't worry about it," he said. "We only have to get as attached as we want to. And there's a built in limit as well. You had had Echo since you were a little girl, we're not going to have Jensen nearly as long as that."

She smiled at him, a little wanly but still a smile. "You're right," she said. "It just seemed like such a big responsibility for a second. We really are kind of grown up aren't we?"

"Speak for yourself," Jared said. "I insist we do something suitably youthful tonight. Have sex outside perhaps, or go to Chuck E Cheese."

Gen wrinkled her nose at him, as she started the car. "Those things don't go together Jared," she said, but her eyes were brighter now, and her smile less forced, and that was all he'd wanted. He nodded at the dashboard, and gave her a grin.

"Go on," he said, with a smile he'd been told was wicked. "You know you want to. And the highway is sort of empty at this time." She eyed him, and he raised his eyebrows at her, already unbuttoning his jeans. "I saw the way you looked at them," he murmured. "You wanted to climb right in and show them how it was done didn't you." Gen's fondness for instruction hadn't gone unnoticed, and it was one of the things Jared found hottest about their already pretty scorching sexlife. Her tongue briefly wet her lips, and she could hardly keep her eyes on the road.

Jared continued, voice low. "You're imagining it aren't you? Jensen going down on you, that pretty pretty mouth lingering everywhere you want it most, taking direction so well, like he was born to do it." He watched Gen's thighs press together almost unconsciously. "You could do anything to him," he murmured. "Tell him to fuck you, tell him to fuck me with that catalogue-perfect dick of his, or get him to lie back and let us both fuck him, you pushing silicone into his ass, and me my dick into his mouth at the same time, until he doesn't know what he wants more, to make you come or me."

"Jesus," Gen gritted out, remnants of an old curse on her lips. "Fine. Fine, you fucking win Jared." It wasn't exactly often Gen swore, and Jared grinned at the satisfaction of a job well done, as she flicked on the automatic-driver, and the car's AI system took effect, as she clambered off the driver's seat, over the gear-stick. When he slides one hand up her skirt, across her smooth thighs, brushing across the demure cotton panties she'd put on that morning, he's surprised by just how wet she is, how aching for it, runs his hand in wonder across the damp fabric, and she shudders into his hand, pushes against him.

"Don't you dare be a tease," she says, and he relents, slides his hand against her stomach, and then down on into her underwear, fingers already slick, and he thumbs over her clit, and she hisses warningly. That's his cue to slide two fingers into her, and he can't resist unbuttoning her shirt with the other hand, as she clenches vice tight around him. It's not exactly often they get to play like this, Gen's not a big fan of voyeurism, despite the fact that seeing another car on the road is unlikely. When the shirt is loose, he gets a hand in, and undoes the bra-strap with a flick. (He's been going out with Gen since he was sixteen, she'd have killed him if he hadn't mastered that particular trick) and bends his head to suck at nipples that are too sensitive for much more, feels her muffled moan echo right through him, works his fingers some more, knowing just what she likes, his dick hard under her, pushing through his jeans, feeling her ass against him.

Gen's helping out now, squirming out of her shirt as Jared caresses one breast with his hand, getting the same vicarious thrill of his skin against hers as always, and then her swift hands are buried in his hair, and she’s pulling his face up to kiss her again, and they both know how much that turns him on. He’s not sure he can take the teasing, and he’s pretty sure she can’t either. Foreplay is excellent as a concept, but when he gets Gen like this, everything else pretty much goes to hang. He pulls his fingers out, helps her wriggle the panties down her legs, pulls ineffectually at his own jeans, as she braces herself against him. Then, finally, finally she’s sinking onto him, and it’s by turns the most brilliant and the most awkward thing he’s ever felt. Brilliant, because Gen is letting him fuck her in the car as the occasional disapproving car zooms past, awkward because the seatbelt holder is digging into his shoulder, and he can’t get any leverage at all like this. Gen’s dealing just fine with that though, her knees are gripping him like grim death, and she’s holding on so tight he’s sure it’s going to leave marks on his arm, and that shouldn’t be as hot as it is.

“You’re going to fuck Jensen like this,” she says, and how the hell is she even coherent enough to form words, is what he wants to know at this moment. He doesn’t say anything though, just listens to her. “Rough, and deep and so hard, and I’m going to watch. Then afterwards you’re going to go down on me until I’m done with you, and you just need to come again so desperately that you’re moaning against me,” and he’s holding her now so tight against her, it’s a miracle she isn’t crushed, hips jerking helplessly up into her, and Gen is doing a fucking awesome job of convincing him that an Omega is going to be an amazing addition to their house.

She’s losing her own train of thought now, words gasped out, like she can barely concentrate, high patches of colour on her cheekbones, her hair dark and wild, sticking to her naked shoulders and her face now, and when he slips a hand down between them, until he can feel them joining, she stops entirely for a second, convulsing around him. “I’ll give you a choice,” she murmurs against his ear. “You can get fucked by him or by me,” and even the thought of that, of getting fucked by his wife, who loves him and knows what he loves, and by their Omega who is not going to want anything more than getting them both off is enough to destroy Jared. He’s not even sure how long his orgasm lasts, but when he comes back from it, his dick’s still hard and Gen’s still fucking herself against her, until barely seconds later, she’s coming as well, and all he wants to do is hold her against him, and let this feeling stay. Yeah, he suddenly can’t wait until Jensen comes to stay.

By the time the day rolled round to pick Jensen up from the farm, Jared had had time to be as excited about the new addition to their household as Gen was. They'd got his room ready (some people liked their Omega to sleep at the bottom of their bed, ready any time day or night, but it was standard policy to let them have a room of their own if only for the sake of their owners,) and looking around it as he fixed a new lightbulb in, Jared thought it was pretty nice.

When they arrived, Jensen was dressed in the white loose pants and t-shirt that Omegas from the facility were generally attired in on a day to day basis, and with him was a small bag containing three changes of identical clothing. He was sitting in the reception area, leg jerking nervously as he waited. Jared could see the exact moment that he realised the Padaleckis had arrived- he went limp and relaxed like this was all he'd been hoping for ever and the smile that spread across his face was practically ecstatic. Why wouldn't it be? He'd been told since the moment of his genesis that when he was old enough and ready enough that he'd be given to the perfect family, that he was created for them. And now they were here.

He stood and waited for them, hands held behind his back, hope blazing in his eyes. When they'd signed the final transfer papers at the desk, and turned to them, he swooped straight in, bent to kiss Gen on the cheek, then turned his face upwards to bestow a similar salute to Jared's face, the grin back in full force now. "I'm so happy to be with you," he said with direct simplicity. "I can't wait to try my best to make you pleased with me."

Gen's face split into an answering smile, as she wound her fingers in Jared's, and he felt any reservations he'd had about this melt away like frost in the early morning sunlight. Jensen's smile was just too contagious to resist in any measure. In the car on the way back, Jared passed him the earphones, plugged him into the car's media system, pulling up the music list so he could listen to what he wanted. Gen was driving again, and she kept shooting these entranced little looks at where Jensen was moving along to the music, staring out of the window like he'd never seen anything like the landscape that rolled past outside, which of course he hadn't. Jared would almost of been jealous if Jensen had been human, as it was he completely understood the urge to stare at him. He was so real looking.

Jared caught his eye in the functionally obsolete rear mirror on his second surreptitious glance and Jensen tugged out the earphones instantly, leaning forward and ready to listen. "You like it?" Jared asked, nodding out of the window.

"I can't believe it," Jensen replied. "They used to let us use sims at the farm, so we wouldn't be afraid of being outside in wide open spaces when the time came. But it was usually seascapes or the tropics. I've never seen anything as beautiful as this in my life." Jared could barely believe that- outside dry, dusty, fertili-plant fields stretched in every direction, blue hot skies above, no change in any way, just the same thing repeated. At least until he remembered that Jensen had never left the farm before. If his only experiences with the outside were the 3D simulators no wonder he was so awestruck.

He turned away again, and Jensen obediently replaced the earphones until they arrived, whereupon clutching his small bag of clothes and the one vid book he'd brought along he slithered out of the back seat, and came to a halt to stare at the house that loomed in front of him. Gen tucked a proprietary arm through his and pulled him gently inside. "Let's get you settled in," she said soothingly, as though she were gentling a dog poised on the edge of flight. Jared grasped his shoulder lightly through the smooth cloth, and smiled at him encouragingly.

Inside Jensen seemed to relax a little more, and Jared wondered if the Omega wasn't quite as comfortable around wide open spaces as he had seemed to be. Certainly he was looking around with increased curiousity now, though he kept his hands firmly to himself there was certainly nothing wrong with his eyes.

There was no awkwardness about the silence, Jared noted absently. It was like Jensen was leaving them space to speak, but not expecting it. He wasn't built to expect anything after all. He just stood there and drank it all in, and it was Jared who broke it eventually. "Shall we take him to his room?" he suggested to Gen, and she nodded.

"Unless you're hungry?" she asked Jensen, and the dimples came back into play.

"I'm good thank you," he said. "I ate before I left." He followed them up the stairs, fingers trailing along the dark wood bannisters, barely touching it, silent until they reached his room, when as though he could barely contain himself, he lunged in and stood in the small space incredulously as though he could hardly believe it. Jared had thought it was a pretty decent living area, especially since it wasn't like Jensen would have any interests, but the way the Omega was eyeing it was like he'd suddenly been transplanted into Aladdin's Cave, and Jared suddenly ridiculously wished that he'd thought to change the hideous floral curtains and take down the (antique) 'dogs playing poker' poster, a family heirloom that no-one actually liked. Ridiculous because Jensen of all people -omegas- he mentally corrected himself, looked the least likely in the world to complain.

"We'll let you get settled in," he said for the sake of having something to say.

Jensen glanced at him, slightly puzzled looking and placed his bag in the corner, quickly and neatly lifting out the clothing and settling it in a drawer, then turning and looking expectant as though that were the only possible settling in that he had to do, and Jared kicked himself mentally for slipping up again. He hadn't imagined it'd be so difficult to keep track of exactly how different Jensen was from a human being, though the next few seconds made him wonder how he could ever have forgotten.

As graceful as anything, Jensen knelt in the traditional pose- one leg bent, and bowed his head. "How may I serve?" he asked, and Jared looked at Gen for help, who'd been struggling to get the window open. The air conditioning was on the fritz again (hardly a surprise given how difficult it was to source them for older houses these days. Everyone else had the modern inbuilt ones, solar powered for maximum effectiveness, and guaranteed to last for four generations, but Jared's father whose house this had been, had had it grade listed and that meant renovations were near to impossible to get permission for.)

She looked back at him, and he could see her mentally flicking through all the info they'd been given on the (literal) care, feeding and instructing of their Omega. "Uh," she started and Jensen looked at her expectantly, "nothing right now?" she concluded. "I have to make a conference call and Jared needs to get his words in for today." Jared made a face at that. His inspiration came in bursts, starting and stopping pretty much as it felt like, and this was his attempt to self-regulate- getting a certain number of words down every day. Jensen looked disappointed for a second, then the expression smoothed away instantly, and Jared remembered the bit of the manual that had clearly sunk into his brain. Omegas wanted to serve, wanted to make the person who'd acquired them happy, but they were also beautifully and thoroughly trained to obey all orders, and that included being told not to take care of their owners.

"Maybe we should get Jensen settled in properly," he said to Gen. About half of it was concern for Jensen, wanting to make him feel welcome and secure, and the other half was prickling into awareness, that a hot and ready for it Omega was kneeling at his and his wife's feet, desperate for them, and that wasn't something he'd ever had before. Like the mind reader she was, Gen picked up on his increasingly dirty thoughts, and licked her own lips.

"You might be right," she said thoughtfully. "But I really do need to make this call. How about you take this into the study, and start having a bit of fun while I watch? If you can make me end it early because I can't stand just watching you two without joining in, then you win." She pressed a kiss to Jared's mouth, leaning up against him, and he felt his breath catch at the mental image of Gen on the phone, fingers in her underwear as she tried not to slam it down.

"And if you win?" he said, already determined that she wouldn't.

"Then I'll make you call your editor tomorrow while Jensen blows you," she said and her face meant business. He wasn't surprised at the flash of heat that went through him, but he enjoyed every second of it.

"C'mon downstairs," he said to Jensen who nodded immediately, perfect dick already half hard under his white pants, and Jared couldn't wait to get his hands on it, and to make Gen regret ever making her bet. Hey, after all he played to win.

Chapter Two found here


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