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About me/ Friending Policy/Masterlist

A few things:

1. I generally choose not to warn. However underage, noncon, child abuse and character death will always be content noted though none of those things are likely to appear.

2. I multiship. Sam/Dean and J2 are my primary ships but I write plenty of others.

3. Unless you're empty/haven't updated in years, I'm likely to friend back if you friend me. I'm a sociable soul, and I like interaction and meeting new people. Sending a message to let me know you've friended me or dropping a line here is appreciated. If I've friended you there is no express need to friend back, though I'll always welcome it. ETA: If you friend me and would like to be friended back, please do message etc - LJ swallows those notifications.

4. One thing I do think is essential to know. I have no character affiliation, and I do not welcome or enjoy wank. I don't do character/person hate in any shape or form.



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Supernatural RPF

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heart, Dean and Sam

Snowflake challenge

I am running super behind on everything this year, from recs, to letters and everything else. So just a very quick note to say that Snowflake Challenge is running again. It's a really fun way to get to know other people, particularly on Dreamwidth and to generate some interesting thoughts through January. I really recommend it and would love to see some familiar (and new) faces.

Snowflake Challenge promotional banner featuring a chubby brown and red bird surrounded by falling snow. Text: Snowflake Challenge: 1-31 January. Also on dreamwidth
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The catch up post for fics received and fics given (rare fandom edition)

I'm terrible at signing up for exchanges, I dither for ages and fret about the thought of having to write a letter. So for once, what I've written, thanks to taking up some pinch hits outstrips the number of what I've received. In reverse chronological exchange order therefore:


What I gotIn medias res (always in the middle of something), The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley/Theo, Summary: Shirley and Theo avoid a touchy subject (or not).

What I thought: That feeling when you get the rarepair incest femslash fic you've been hoping for :___: angry, sharp and pointy Crain sisters, with a kiss that takes place while someone has their hands buried (literally) in someone else's chest.

What I gave: The Preservation of the World, Ginger Snaps, Brigitte/Ginger, Summary: no joke, I just realised while typing this up...that I forgot to put a summary on AO3. In brief, AU from the end - Ginger and Brigitte live in the woods together.
What I thought: I've been waiting ages to write a fic for Ginger Snaps, and this is a Stripy special - plenty of shitty jokes to go around!

Two pinch hits written respectively for the SAME (Short August Medieval Exchange) flash exchange and the Stephen King exchange

SAME: he today that sheds his blood with me, A Knight's Tale, Will/ Edward the Black Prince, Summary: The Black Prince can always count on William to rise to his challenge.
What I thought: This was a ton of fun to write. It involves blowjobs, stupid banter between Will and his friends and my personal favourite thing: single combat

King of Exchangesfears that I may cease to be, The Long Walk, Ray Garraty/Peter McVries, Summary: Olson breaks the line. McVries and Garraty run.
What I thought: just about the fastest I've written a fic this year, thanks pinch hit deadline! A pleasure though.

My New Years Resolution fic, written merely one year late

friend like that, who needs an enemy, LA Confidential, Bud White/Edmund Exley, Summary “Two dead Santas and a heroin epidemic,” Exley says, thumbing through a little crisp book now. “The things Christmas is made of.”
What I thought: How my immensely kind and patient beta did not storm across a sea to throw me out a window when writing this is beyond me. Thank you

Remix Revival Madness

What I got: Blood Alliances (a Heart Blood remix), Supernatural, Dean/Benny, Summary: Benny's thought about it in the course of their journey through the vast forested landscape of Purgatory.
What I thought: This was a remix of my Dean/Benny fic which involved Dean thoroughly topping Benny in Purgatory, and I am pleased as hell that my remixer kept the spirit of that while creating an amazing story. Loved it.

Trick or Treat (I was lucky enough to get three fics!)

What I got: Tomatoes, lettuce and a burger, Supernatural, gen, Summary: Dean is making Sam a burger, something is off.
What I thought: delicious creepy little horror fic - just perfect for a Halloween trick
What I got: Fox-Fire, The Terror, Crozier/Fitzjames, Summary:  “I like my little Fox very much,” Francis said with half-a-smile. “It has always done well by me.”
What I thought: I love these two so much, and this was a delightful byplay between them complete with rescue
What I got: 
The Litany of Hatred, The Favourite, Abigail/Sarah, Summary: A beast stalks the palace. Sarah tells Abigail about it.
What I thought: My favourite messed up couple, this is subtle and vicious with an amazing turn of phrase

What I gave: Bird on a Wire, Top Gun, Iceman/Maverick, Summary: Hiding in plain sight is tough, but Maverick considers himself a master of disguise.
What I thought: One day I will write the Iceman/Mav fic of my dreams, but until then, I enjoyed getting a little snippet of them out there even though I wished it could have been longer.

Fic in a Box (didn't sign up, so this was just a pinch hit)

What I wrote: death, the abyss from where no traveler is permitted to return, Hannibal, Alana Bloom/Beverly Katz, Summary: “You know,” Alana says, mostly a non-sequitur. “You aren’t the first. Is that comforting?” / Beverly pauses over the milk, some people maintain a jug, she sticks to the carton. “Not the first to come back?” she says./ “I was thinking, not the first to die,” Alana replies.
What I thought: I am amused that my first Hannibal fic is so a) so late and b) explicit femslash, but honestly writing someone crawling back out of a grave and having to phone the bank to unfreeze their account is apparently the height of my ambitions
Non-exchange (yes it exists)

a separate moral universe, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Summary: What Is And What Should Never Be AU. Dean is Sam’s no good big brother who flunked out of school, steals their mom’s silver to pay off his gambling debts, and is drunk more often than not. And he fucks Sam like no one else ever does.  / Motels inhabit a separate moral universe is what that world's Stoppard might've said, but didn't.
What I thought: This was a super fun exercise actually - this is very specifically the djinn version of Sam and Dean who we saw from that episode, but I hope bits of real Sam and Dean come through as well. OK, honestly, it's just porn. Also on dreamwidth
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Holiday Love Meme

holiday love meme 2020

As always this is a lot of fun. You just post your own name if you'd like to (if you're like me, you may mess up and do so anonymously as life is hard)  but also take the chance to scout out people you know and say something nice about them. It's been a long, tough year for everyone, so I think a little bit of holiday love is great.

Really hoping to see lots of people I know post their names here so I can say thanks for everything this year. Even when I've not been around, I'm still checking in to read and enjoy the fannishness, and it's been a light spot in a dark year. Also on dreamwidth
heart, Dean and Sam

SPN ending.

Only a little quick update, but that ending, while not what I would have chosen myself, hit me so so hard, much harder than I expected. No spoilers as of yet, but wow in terms of impact.
heart, Dean and Sam

RMSE (what I wrote)

RMSE exchange was a whole lot of fun - so many good fics (there's a few recs in previous posts here and here) and I was extremely lucky to receive two amazing stories, both of them for rare, rare canons - an absolutely windfall, one for The History Boys and one for Equilibrium,

I had the pleasure of writing two stories, both of which were extremely different, but both of which were fun to write. The American Psycho fic was a treat that took over my brain and I can safely say this is the only fic where my historical 1989 research is accurate. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood fic is lower key and more romantic, also a change for me.

he's got a mind like a sewer and a heart like a fridge (6732 words) by StripySock
Fandom: American Psycho - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Patrick Bateman/Marcus Halberstram
Additional Tags: Treat, Canon-Typical Food Descriptions, Recreational Drug Use, Inappropriate Humor, Violent Thoughts, offscreen murder, Canon-Typical Behavior, Canon-Typical Violence, film canon

“You’re buying,” Patrick says, a grudging concession. There’s a neat little flicker and a platinum card in Marcus’s hand.

“Correction. The company is buying. Having Amex on speed is like a direct line to God. Let’s take a little advantage.”

Cinema Paradiso (2765 words) by StripySock
Fandom: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cliff Booth/Rick Dalton
Additional Tags: Roma | Rome, Missing Scene, First Kiss, movies - Freeform, Rain, Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

Ultimately making Rick’s six-month Italian sojourn fairly profitable, although his swank Roman apartment ate up a big chunk of his earnings

 Cliff does stunts, realtors and Rick.

Also on dreamwidth